Personal styling for the next new you!

We offer full-service, personal styling based on your lifestyle.

In 2019, lead image stylist Ashleigh K. Copeland founded AKCstyle. After working in retail for nearly a decade, she wondered how she could connect the convenience of online shopping with the personal experience of shopping in a physical store. The consistent feedback from her customers and personal clients alike, is how easy Ashleigh makes their shopping experience.

Convenience is key at AKCstyle!

Refresh your wardrobe seasonally, shop for special occasion looks, & check off your holiday shopping list.

How AKCstyle works for you

We curate full looks based on your initial consultation & what you tell us you’re looking for. Setup a time to meet at your home or office for a styling session. Try-on your personalized selections in a space you’re most comfortable.

Start your style journey today & step into the next, new you!