Romantic Renaissance

From elements of delicate sheer fabrics and lace, to dramatic draping and excessive use of feathers and pearls.  This fall 2019 trend brings the age of renaissance and excess back, in the most romantic ways.  This ultra-feminine, dark, romantic-feeling trend ties all the best parts of the Renaissance-era together in a modern package.  High necklines and low hemlines are updated through use of sheer fabrics and intricate lace detailing in blouses and skirts.

This fall brings so many versatile trends! From metal elements, to the brightest neons, and 70s’ inspired work wear. Click each link to get the full scope of the fall trends you need to know about.

Why Women Need to Wear Valentino

By: Ashleigh K. Copeland

Stunning is the first word dripping off my tongue watching the Valentino spring 2019 collection.  The beautiful drama running down the runway in mixed prints, bold black and white, neutrals, and of course signature Valentino red.  However short this presentation, it seems like it lasted for an hour, in a good way of course.  This collection is a story told by creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli.  The story could be about any number of things, depending on your point of view.  For me, this collection is the story of women in 2018.


Black draped garments start off the story making a bold statement about being comfortable with wearing glamour, and choosing not to hide or shrink away.  Feathers trail behind on the runway, falling from embellished sandals.  Millinery is on the rise here, with avant-garde feathered hats creating an orbital pull, further engaging the audience.  Street style is a heavy influence here, seen in the oversized gold hoop earrings, amongst other accessories.


Part two of our story injects neutrals beyond the black hemisphere.  Khaki and white brighten up the sea of black garments.  Pops of Valentino red sprinkled throughout the middle of the collection on pleated maxi skirts and couture level dresses.  For me this collection is about layers.  Peeling back the mourning and heavy cloaking that some women choose to hide behind, especially during such a tumultuous year as 2018.

The last part of the collection still shows intriguing hues of plums and browns.  Spring 2019 is to be about standing out and being confident in who you are.  As the finale approaches, glittering, contrasting prints in mint, bubblegum pink, rich plum, and burnt orange breakthrough.  Like every show there will be pieces that never make it to mass market, or even make it past the red carpet, but there are so many looks here that any woman would look good wearing.


The finale brings chills to my spine as each model took their final walk down the runway.  A collective wave of comfort, security, and ease seems to be felt by the audience for creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli’s spring collection.

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