The Shoes You Need Now

As part of our footwear essentials series, we’re diving into more must-have styles you need this season. Check out all of our essentials below:

Invest in a Quality Modern Sneaker

Step Up Your Style in Chelsea Boots

Finish Your Fall Look in Chukka Boots

Every man needs a great pair of dress shoes to round out his wardrobe.  Even if you only wear them 1-2 times per year, or even less than that, it’s worth investing in a quality pair.  You never know when a special occasion, like a friend’s wedding, or an unfortunate occasion, like a funeral may occur.  Be prepared, and leave the last minute shopping to the “Late Lacys”. 

Finding your brand, in other words, the brand of dress shoes you feel most comfort spending your hard earned money on is a good place to start.  If your favorite casual shoe brand makes dress shoes, start there.  However, if you know you will be living in your dress shoes for most of the year, invest in a high quality brand to get the most bang for your buck.

I have two suggestions for styles that will stand the test of time; the first is the cap toe oxford.  Most men’s footwear brands make their unique version of a cap toe oxford in various colors and most have mass appeal.  This classic style allows you to wear your oxfords to work and special occasions.  Never feel under-dressed again, and rest assured the cap toe will never fall out of fashion.

The second dress shoe suggestion is a more modern look, the monk strap.  As you break-in your monk strap shoes, the material softens and you can usually slip them on like a loafer.  But, this look is much more sophisticated than your average loafer.  There are so many variations to choose from within the double monk or single monk styles.  Decide if you like a plain-toe or a more detailed approach, and this will help you decide which style you feel most comfortable in.  Once your level of detail is decided, the rest is easy.  Choose a style you will want to wear with every look in your closet, and your investment will be solidified.

Your Next Essential: The Pullover

Welcome back to AKCstyle!  Winter may be over, but we all still have one piece we’re clinging to this spring. Our early spring essential is the pullover sweater. Wear it casually, or a little dressed up for a fun fashion moment. Dig into your closet and find your pullovers before the humidity hits Boston. Our latest obsessions for the month, are oversized coats and classic pullover sweaters. 

No New England closet is complete without at least a few pullover sweaters.  Whether your pullover is casual or dressed up, we’re here to show you how to maximize the number of looks you can pull off with this staple piece.

Pair a casual pullover with your oversized coat or jacket to make a statement this season.  We love pairing a neutral color sweater with denim or a mini skirt to pull this look together.

Wear your pullover turtleneck in white or gray with a plaid mini or dark denim for a more traditional and business casual look.

Or, get comfy in a chunky, bright colored pullover with light wash denim, and neutral colored booties.

The pullover sweater will never go out of style, so this is sure to be a piece you will always wear.  It’s worth investing in neutral colors like white, black, gray, and tan to wear year after year.  Go for bold cobalt blues, corals and reds, yellows, and even shades of green for a trendier look.

What’s your go to sweater look this season?  Comment below and follow us on Instagram @AKCstyle.

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