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Although December is the season of giving, it’s also the season to save. If you’re like me, you’re breathing a sigh of relief now that Christmas is over (phew). Dec. 25th has come and gone, but I still have gifts to buy for friends, family, and a few things for myself too.

I’m excited to share a few of my favorite deals with you. Check back tomorrow for more faves for men, women, pets, and kids. These deals won’t last, so strike while the iron is still hot! There is still just under a week of savings for so many stores. Check out some of my favorite items on Instagram and down below (@akcstyle.com).

When Do I Weatherproof?

Weatherproof boots are the most popular and most essential footwear style anyone in New England can have in their fall wardrobe.  But, if you’re thinking of your classic L.L. Bean or Sperry duck boots, we’re not on the same page here.  While those boots are extremely practical, and last a very long time, the weatherproof boots I’m talking about are much more fashionable. 

While it may seem impossible to find a pair of boots offering durability and style, there is a happy medium.  Find a fashionable leather boot you can wear even on those rainy or snowy days.  Look for a boot specifically treated to repel the elements, sealed to keep your feet dry, and built for style and comfort.

            Most popular men’s footwear brands have some version of an all-weather boot in various colors and styles.  You may find a suede-like finish with a seal reading, “WEATHERPROOF” on the inside.  Or, a leather boot that promises to be “treated during the tanning process”.  Both are great solutions for a low-maintenance, but high functioning weatherproof boot.

Can’t get enough of our footwear essentials series? Check below for our previous picks. Women’s footwear essentials are up next!

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Choosing Fashion Over Comfort

Who says style has to be uncomfortable?  You wear your favorite shoes and clothes over, and over again because you feel the most comfortable when you’re wearing them.  So, why not try for comfort and style next time you’re searching for new shoes?  Go for a derby!

If you have a casual work environment, go for a derby style shoe with a rubber sole.  A derby shoe is one of the most timeless, casual styles you can invest in.  Take care of them properly, and you will have them for a long time, long after the trends change.

            For a more traditional work environment, choose a classic, plain-toe derby with rubber or leather soles.  Wearing a derby shoe with a leather sole keeps your look classy and professional.  Adding rubber soles to traditional dress shoes, adds bulk and weight to your shoes, giving you a chunkier profile.  The upside to adding rubber is the endless level of comfort.  You’ll notice the difference immediately! 

On a typical New England winter day, no one will notice if your shoes look a bit chunky.  But, they will notice you’re the only one standing on the train platform wearing dress shoes.  Having a rubber sole helps your shoes last longer, and keeps you from bringing two pairs of shoes to work in inclement weather.  You’ll also stand out and be noticed for your fashionably practical footwear.

The 70s Twist

Take your best boho-inspired pieces and layer them for a great homage to the decade of patterns and prints.  Mix-and-match your casual bomber jackets and maxi skirts to livin’ up your work wardrobe. 

Keep it comfortable, keep it sophisticated, and stay on trend in your 70s’ inspired looks.

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By: Ashleigh K. Copeland

The Neon Trend

High impact, bold and brave, fluorescent colors mainly pink, green, orange, blue and yellow.  Think of your favorite color highlighter you used to mark your textbooks.  This trend is eye-catching to say the least. 

Definitely not for the faint of heart.  If sporting a head-to-toe neon look is not your style, opt for high pigment accessories or shoes to participate in this trend.

By: Ashleigh K. Copeland

Your Next Essential: The Pullover

Welcome back to AKCstyle!  Winter may be over, but we all still have one piece we’re clinging to this spring. Our early spring essential is the pullover sweater. Wear it casually, or a little dressed up for a fun fashion moment. Dig into your closet and find your pullovers before the humidity hits Boston. Our latest obsessions for the month, are oversized coats and classic pullover sweaters. 

No New England closet is complete without at least a few pullover sweaters.  Whether your pullover is casual or dressed up, we’re here to show you how to maximize the number of looks you can pull off with this staple piece.

Pair a casual pullover with your oversized coat or jacket to make a statement this season.  We love pairing a neutral color sweater with denim or a mini skirt to pull this look together.

Wear your pullover turtleneck in white or gray with a plaid mini or dark denim for a more traditional and business casual look.

Or, get comfy in a chunky, bright colored pullover with light wash denim, and neutral colored booties.

The pullover sweater will never go out of style, so this is sure to be a piece you will always wear.  It’s worth investing in neutral colors like white, black, gray, and tan to wear year after year.  Go for bold cobalt blues, corals and reds, yellows, and even shades of green for a trendier look.

What’s your go to sweater look this season?  Comment below and follow us on Instagram @AKCstyle.

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WE’RE BACK & More Obsessed Than Ever!

After a long few months away, we’re back to bring you the latest fashion news, and talk about what’s trending now.  There are quite a few projects in the works, and we can’t wait to share them with you all soon!

On to our latest obsession…the oversized outerwear trend.  From where we are in Boston, it’s pretty cold to say the least.  Bundling up in what essentially is a giant blanket with arms, is perfect for winter weather.  This is certainly a trend to get behind.  Having a staple oversized coat in your wardrobe is a must for 2019.

This trend is seen on everyone from influencers like Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber, to fashion editors and other chic influencers stylists alike.  We love an oversized coat with skinny jeans and sneakers to really complete your look. 

What do you think of the oversized outerwear trend? Tell us in the comment below!  Check back here for more style inspiration and the latest fashion news.  Find us on Instagram @AKCstyle.