About AKCstyle

Five Reasons to Style:

  1. Style is innate, some are great at it, some wish to refine it
  2. Trends don’t have to dictate your wardrobe
  3. Your lifestyle decides what you wear, not someone else’s opinion
  4. Being “too busy” shouldn’t to be a reason to have nothing to wear
  5. Feeling comfortable in your own skin is the key to confidence

Since 2012, Ashleigh K. Copeland has been writing about fashion, style, and cultural events on her blog Shoe Obsessed. While attending Lasell College in Newton, MA for Fashion Communications and Promotion, she explored the world of fashion through design, styling, fashion show production, and event planning.

After graduating in 2015, she began to use Shoe Obsessed as a way to express her creative writing skills by taping into the latest topics of the fashion industry.

During her time at Lasell, Ashleigh developed her skills in customer service, styling, and management while working for the luxury retailer Nordstrom. After seven years of working for Nordstrom, she decided to take on a new challenge at the men’s store Allen Edmonds.

Wanting to continue to express and share her love of style and fashion Ashleigh founded AKCstyle in 2018.

“I love experiencing the joy someone has when they try the perfect shoe, or dress, or suit on for the first time. Finding the right fit can renew a person’s confidence, and change their outlook about themselves for the better.  Knowing I can inspire those around me to begin to find the best versions of themselves through fashion, motivates me everyday.  I hope to help you experience this feeling and inspire you to be the best version of you too!”