About AKCstyle

Top Reasons to Stay Stylish:

  1. Style is innate, some are great at it, some wish to refine it
  2. Trends don’t have to dictate your wardrobe
  3. Your lifestyle decides what you wear, not someone else’s opinion
  4. Being “too busy” doesn’t have to be a reason to have nothing to wear
  5. Everyone can use an extra hand in getting where they want to go, and looking great while doing it

Profile PicBeing a lover of fashion and style for most of my life I’ve always enjoyed reading and writing about fashion.  Seven years ago, I started working in retail and a new passion arose.  I love seeing how a new shoe, dress or suit can renew a person’s confidence.  Looking confident by wearing something you’re comfortable in, can set you apart from the crowd, and drives my love of fashion and style everyday.  I hope to help you experience this feeling and inspire you to be the best version of you.

-Ashleigh K. Copeland