3 Months of Wardrobing

Reinvent Yourself

Sometimes, one styling session just isn’t enough. Why not try three months of unlimited style?

Hit the refresh button on your wardrobe by buying new pieces from this season, while also creating new looks with what you already have.

Taking a peek into your closet is vital for this service. We will make room for your new stylish wardrobe by donating anything you no longer wear. Your future-self will thank you for purging! This will be the first styling session of your three month package.

Allow 10-14 days before your second styling session. Creating your new style usually takes us at least one to two shopping trips to get everything on your shopping list. Once your collection is curated, we will bring everything to your home. Decide what you love and want to keep, or need to exchange/return.

After your first two sessions, we will create a digital look book you can use as a guide to your collection. From then on, we will be on call for all your styling needs for the next three months.

This service allows you unlimited styling sessions for a full three months:

  • Your three months of service starts on the first day of sign-up (i.e. Jan 1- Mar 30, 90 days)
  • We can have virtual styling sessions or in-home sessions
  • We’ll curate a collection, or shop for looks/pieces as you need them, anytime
  • Perfect for when you need a great shoe, bag, or other accessory to complete your look