Give Your Skin A Break!

The calendar may read May, but it still feels like early March here in New England.  Frigid temperatures, cuddling up by a toasty fire, throwing on wool socks, and layering up on the moisturizer are in the rear view mirror.  But, the chilly, rainy weather hasn’t yet caught the hint that we’re longing for sunny days with 70 degree temps.

While we can’t force the weather to change, we can get into a spring mindset with our skincare routines.  No need to keep lathering up on the thick moisturizers and oil based serums we use in winter.  Keep reading for helpful tips to get your skin on track for (hopefully soon) more agreeable weather.

1.Use a face moisturizer with a water-based formula

Humidity & heavy moisturizers are not friends, think oil and water. Choose something with Hyaluronic acid instead. Light moisturizers help keep sweat and toxins from building up in our pores.

2. Up your SPF game

Spring is a high risk time of year for our skin. We don’t often expect the sun to be as harsh in spring, as we do in summer. Switch out your SPF 30 moisturizer for SPF 50 giving your face maximum protection from those rays. While this may not be everyone’s desired SPF strength, the point is we need more protection from the sun rays in warmer weather. Protection is key, be gentle on your skin.

3. Let your pores see the light of day

After a long day in the sun, toxins and pollutants linger on your skin just as they do in the air. Wash your face with a cleanser after taking your makeup off each night. Cleansing your face before bed, gives you a clean canvas for the next day. Your pores will thank you!

4. Exfoliate!

The best time to exfoliate is when you feel your skin is dry. Try a moisturizing or exfoliating mask up to three times per week. Less is more when it comes to masks. Exfoliating removes dead skin cells and gives your pores the chance to see the light of day, free and clear.

5. Throw away your old products & clean your makeup brushes

We all do it, holding onto an old foundation or moisturizer for as long as we possibly can due to cost of a new one or sentimental value. Maybe it was an expensive serum or concealer your mom gifted you after graduation. Or a great shade of blush you splurged on. Well, it’s time to stop and evaluate how long it’s been in your makeup bag.

Harmful bacteria and buildup are probably lurking in your old products and supplies. Makeup brushes are the worst offenders here. Clean your brushes frequently with soapy water, and blow dry them instead of letting them air dry. You wash your face daily, why wouldn’t you wash your brushes frequently too?

Wash your face to unblock your pores, exfoliate to remove dead skin cells, switch to a water-based moisturizer, up the strength of your SPF, and throw out your old products. Seems pretty basic, but I can attest that change is not easy.  After switching up my skincare routine and using brand new makeup brushes, my skin is clearer and I’m ready to take on spring! 

The most important thing to remember this spring is to be gentle on your skin, by protecting it. 

What’s the best skincare advice you’ve received? Comment below!

Until next time, fashion your best way,

Ashleigh K. Copeland

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

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