New Age Feminist Bliss

lilac satin

By: Ashleigh K. Copeland

If Katherine Hepburn, Jackie O, and Marie Antoinette had a baby, it would be this collection.  Marc Jacob’s spring 2019 collection of ruffles, pink satin, and all things avant garde is just what women need after such a tumultuous 2018.  This collection, even down to the music selection, is lighthearted, cohesive, modern yet classic, and sums up what every woman should aspire to be.  Powerfully her.

Pink Ruffles.jpg

Though the looks aired more on the side of red carpet show stoppers than ready-to-wear, average Jane can still relate; if for no other reason than the fantasy of it all.  Jane can stick her head back in the clouds if only for a short time to enjoy womanhood.  Ten minutes of bliss is what Jacobs delivers.  When a woman can walk confidently down an aisle full of unknowns, in a dark empty space, and know she owns the room, I call that success.


Oversized blazers and two-piece suiting bring up the “women can do it all” theme, as well as the masculinity turned feminine currently trending.  Softer touches with coral and pink satin pants, dresses, and skirts give typical feminine vibes, but in a futuristic way.  Opaque stockings in shiny grey and lime keep the collection classically Marc Jacobs, and kitten heel bow pumps keep the ladies looking elegant and light.  Jacobs is totally tuned into what is happening right now in our culture, but also has us looking forward into a more optimistic future.

Trench Coat.jpg

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