Amity High Graduating Class of 2019

By: Ashleigh K. Copeland

blk jaws tee

September 12, 2018 at the Calvin Klein 205W39NYC spring 2019 show, seems a mixture of misdirected creativity and an uncertainty of just what classic Americana means.  A blazing, bright, cherry red carpet should have been a foreshadowing of things to come.  The imitation bloodied runway, contrasted a cobalt blue backdrop, which later, turned out to be an ocean graphic from the famous horror film JawsThe scenery laid the groundwork for what turns out to be, at the very least, a confusing collection.  Creative Director Raf Simons drew inspiration from two classic American films, Steven Spielberg’s Jaws and The Graduate starring Dustin Hoffman.

I’ll let that image hang for a bit, as you imagine how the two films are related.  Well, they aren’t.  They both just happen to be two films the French-born designer describes as, “very important movies in my memory.”


The 62 piece collection features inspired looks from both films, including chain strap handbags, rubber Chelsea boots, and tasseled graduation caps.  First, the vintage-style Jaws t-shirts and tanks, with the noticeable “cK” logos slapped on them.   Then, there are deflated raft-like dresses, smooshed and molded in a variety of colors and hem lengths.  As if all that is not enough, we move onto tailored, black graduation gowns for both men and women, and shark bite hem skirts.  Finally, tailored wet suits obviously inspired by the infamous Jaws character, Hooper, as he takes his plunge into the Amity Ocean.  Before Simons’ latest show, I though nautical themes consisted of little white sailboats, boat shoes, and Bermuda shorts.  Turns out, nautical themes can be more on the nose than I ever thought possible.

caps & gowns
scuba 2.jpg
shark bite.jpg
ck logo tee.jpg
caps & gowns2

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