The Cool Kid Flourish

long leather coat-EDITED.jpg

Stage is set, lights, camera, action!  Heavy metal instrumentals crack through the blank silence on the white rooftop.  Flashes of white hot lights zig and zag reflecting on chalk-like surfaces.  While the music pulses through the audience, strobing lights dance brilliantly in sync to the bass and drum beats.  If first impressions mean anything, we know we are in for a show tonight.

Set on a rooftop, above the South Street Seaport, New York City in June, Alexander Wang strives to show himself as the contemporary, forward-thinking designer who should never need gimmicks or celebrities to push his designs onto the world.

After an unsettling previous year of shows, Alexander Wang is eager to impress his fashionable audience once more.  We anticipate the excitement and overwhelming energy he brings to all his shows, but the last few collections have been more chaotic than chic.  This spring 2019 show, dubbed “Collection 1”, as he strives to move away from traditional seasonal names, is much anticipated.

Bandana & Sneaks_EDITED

Collection 1 lives up to everyone’s desires.  From the Axl Rose (Gun’s & Roses) style bandanas, oversized moto jackets, new Adidas x Wang collaboration sneakers, and new age combat boots, this collection brings the loyal Alexander Wang fans out of hiding.  Wang boldly blends his Chinese heritage with the American culture he is accustomed to.  Though over styled at times, the collection shows a considerable amount of detail and thought to every look.  It seems Wang is finding his footing again, and leaving audiences craving for his next collection to be shown in December.

look 1-EDITED.jpg
blazer & belts-EDITED.jpg
denim shirt-EDITED.jpg
jersey lace-EDITED.jpg
Alex Wang-EDITED.jpg

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